Saturday, September 03, 2005

Reality shock hits (for some people)

A pointed and perceptive comment on the weblog Environmental Republican (now there's an oxymoron)....

At 9:45 AM [9/3/2005], John Bragg said...

I've been following mostly through the Internet, and I've taken this opportunity to hand in my Bush-supporter card. Five years after September 11 made/should have made civil defense/disaster preparedness a priority, and we have the Homeland Security Cabinet-level boondoggle and the clowns at TSA slowly bankrupting the airlines. Meanwhile we were caught with our pants down for one of the two most predictable calamities we could have. Granted the Louisiana and New Orleans governments' responses were useless--it's a given that the NOLA governments are run by knaves, crooks and charlatans.

This isn't a case like the invasion of Iraq, where we planned for the wrong things (Jay Garner's tidal wave of humanitarian relief over people who weren't that hungry.) This was the absense of a plan [actually, that was true for Iraq, too], which effectively means that at the highest levels no one gave a damn. Once the political operatives at the White House had defanged the Democrats demagogic proposal for the DHS by adopting it, they stopped caring.

The MSM question I'm waiting for: "What kind of Federal level planning has been done for a 1906-style California earthquake?" The answer: "Homina homina homina"

So perhaps it's true that you can't keep fooling all the people all of the time? Well, better late than never.

Jeff Weintraub