Monday, August 28, 2006

SAVE DARFUR Rally in New York City - September 17, 2006

Can you imagine facing the threat of torture, starvation, rape, and uprooting from your homes, family, and livelihood every day?

For many men, women, and children in Darfur, those are not just idle threats but a daily reality.

As if that weren't enough, the genocide in Darfur has nearly disappeared from the headlines and, alarmingly, has fallen off the agenda of many world leaders.

That is why we are counting on you to join us in New York City at the "SAVE DARFUR NOW: Voices to Stop Genocide" rally and concert.

We want to help connect you with others coming from your area.

Click here to let us know where you're coming from and if you're interested in traveling with others from your area.

In addition, we are seeking local transportation coordinators to help organize people who are interested in traveling together to New York City. We will provide transportation coordinators lists of those interested in traveling together, but rely on you to help organize carpools or buses to travel to New York.

Unfortunately, the Save Darfur Coalition itself is unable to provide buses for groups traveling to New York City but we are working to help connect people on the ground.

Thank you,
David Rubenstein
Save Darfur Coalition

P.S. If you are unable to make it to New York City, there will be other events held around the country and the world on September 17. Please check our web site at for more information.