Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sociologists on Mass Murder (Butterflies & Wheels)

After all the years I've spent "fighting fashionable nonsense" and otherwise trying to cut through the bullshit that obscures so many important issues--intellectual, moral, and political--I notice that for the first time something of mine has been picked up and posted on the website Butterflies& - Fighting Fashionable Nonsense:
Sociologists on Mass Murder
Jeff Weintraub wonders how a panel can address mass murder without mentioning Darfur.
Date filed: 17-08-2006
Since I think that Butterflies&Wheels is a generally useful, intelligent, and intellectually stimulating website (despite some occasional quibbles), I am gratified. As for those of you who have never encountered Butterflies&Wheels ... have a look at it.

Yours for sociology (and I mean that seriously),
Jeff Weintraub