Thursday, December 21, 2006

Talking Darfur in a "Global Journalist" radio discussion

In case any of you is interested ...

Thursday morning I participated in a public-radio interview program about Darfur, together with three other people spread across several continents. Global Journalist, which describes itself on its website as "The online magazine for the international news business," runs a radio series with panel discussions on international issues.

You can listen to the broadcast here (and also see a list of their other programs). The four of us--two journalists, a Darfur aid worker, and myself--were:

Shashank Bengali
Africa correspondent
McClatchy Newspapers
Nairobi, Kenya

Gina Bramucci
Humanitarian relief worker formerly stationed in West Darfur
Portland, Oregon

Adam LeBor
Author & Central European correspondent for the London Times
Author of "Complicity With Evil": The United Nations in the Age of Modern Genocide
Budapest, Hungary

Jeff Weintraub
Visiting professor of political science and sociology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I was interested to hear from Shashank Bengali that the Darfur crisis is being extensively covered by news media in sub-Saharan Africa, and that the predominant tone is one frustration that nothing serious is being done to stop the killing. Otherwise, the discussion mostly conveyed information that will sound fairly basic to anyone who has already been following the Darfur crisis. But every bit helps--I hope.

(Again, the transmission is available on-line here.)

--Jeff Weintraub