Saturday, December 16, 2006

"Why are so many people unhinged these days?"

A sensible question from Eric at the group weblog Drink-Soaked Popinjays for War.

(Incidentally, in case anyone doesn't get the joke in the blog's name, it refers to a 2005 exchange between the British MP George Galloway, well-known fan of Stalin and Saddam Hussein and a bit of a popinjay himself, and Christopher Hitchens. Galloway responded to a pointed query from Hitchens by calling him "a drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay." No one can deny that British politicians, even despicable sleazeballs like Galloway, are more skilled at fluent invective than American politicians. On the other hand, an insult by someone like Galloway is a label to be worn proudly, albeit facetiously.)

--Jeff Weintraub
Eric (at Drink-Soaked Popinjays for War)
December 13, 2006

Why are so many people unhinged these days? In a debate about the Euro at The Telegraph this comes out of no-where.
You need to visit Germany, France and other European countries to see that the Euro is king. It's also king in many countries which are not members of the EU who pay their staff in Euros. It's pathetic that you people are still "little Englanders" obsessed with moronic Bush and his war criminals and zionist aides.
Over at the right-wing hate site Stormfront someone else asks the opposite: "Is it just me, or does the euro currency smell of the jewish 'one world currency' conspiracy?"

Those wily Jews/Zionists, working both sides of the conspiracy, no wonder they run the world...