Friday, January 12, 2007

Lebanese TV skit - "Our world has become a paradise"

A nice piece of political satire from Lebanese TV--in the category of "grimly amusing." It's in Arabic, but you can watch it with subtitles (and read a transcript of the translation) HERE. The song performed in this mock press conference has the following refrain:
The leaders have fled from Lebanon.
Our happiness has grown.
Now we can live in security.
Our world has become a paradise.
They wish!

Some further highlights:
One is in Geneva, talking to himself all day long.
Another is a guest in Saudi Arabia, afraid of being assassinated.
The third – his palace is like a fortress. He surrounds himself with the people.
The fourth holds a sword in his hand, and fights his shadow in a room.
Nobody wants you.
My people lives on without you.
May Allah protect you, but your absence gives us peace.

There is nothing on television, except for politicians,
talking in a hundred colors, as if they are saints.
We sit and watch them every night, intoxicated with their stories.
We don't believe any one of them. It turns out they are all liars.
It turns out we are in the wrong.
We have been deceived.
Etc. But watch the TV clip HERE. (Thanks for the tip to Gene at Harry's Place.)

--Jeff Weintraub