Friday, July 20, 2007

The Ultimate Normblog Profile

For several years now, one of the regular features that Norman Geras--political theorist, public intellectual, cricket enthusiast, and born-again Alpha Blogger--has run on his weblog (Normblog) is a series of on-line interviews with other bloggers. More specifically, he sends out a questionnaire with 50 questions and asks the subject to respond to 30 of them.

(I had the honor of being inducted into this club myself back in June 2006. My Normblog Profile is HERE.)

=> As one might imagine, these profiles have covered a wide and diverse assortment of characters. But now Norm has profiled an especially interesting subject ... Norman Geras. Have a look:
The Normblog Profile #200: Norman Geras
=>Anyone interested in more extensive political, intellectual, and personal reflection from Norm can also read Marxism, the Holocaust and September 11: An Interview with Norman Geras (2002) & hear his radio interview on Little Atoms (2005).

--Jeff Weintraub