Saturday, February 02, 2008

McCain Derangement Syndrome - Ann Coulter weighs in

"I would vote for the Devil over John McCain; thus, my claim that I would vote for Hillary over John McCain." "Either way, it's going to be a Democrat. I'd be voting for the more conservative Democrat if I vote for Hillary over John McCain." "He lies a lot more. He has no honor." "We have four days [before the Super Tuesday primaries] to save the Republic." Etc., etc.

Ann Coulter is a lunatic, of course--and, on top of that, wild exaggeration and outrageous claims are part of her normal schtick. But if one bears that in mind, this VIDEO is not just comical but, in its own way, illuminating. Coulter expresses, in only slightly more hysterical terms, a lot of the reasons why many other right-wing Republicans also hate McCain.

[Update 2/6/2008: Coulter spells out her indictment of McCain, in print, HERE.]

--Jeff Weintraub