Thursday, February 14, 2008

Norman Finkelstein reiterates his total solidarity with Hizbullah

If there were any remaining doubts that Norman Finkelstein's visceral and obsessive hatred of Israel (along with his clearly deep-seated psychological problems) have left him thoroughly unhinged, this illuminating recent interview on Lebanese TV (via MEMRI) should be enough to dispel such doubts.

Finkelstein tosses out some transparently dishonest weasel-worded disclaimers that he doesn't know much about Hizbullah's politics (presumably including the fact that Hizbullah is radically theocratic and anti-semitic organization) and doesn't want to meddle in Lebanese political questions that are up to the Lebanese to decide. But having gotten those phrases out of the way, Finkelstein declares his total and unqualified solidarity with Hizbullah--based on an uncomplicated analogy between Israel and Nazi Germany and between Hizbullah and the French Resistance--and, thus, his eagerness to endorse Hizbullah or anyone hostile to Israel.

When the Lebanese interviewer gently tries to suggest that not all Lebanese are happy to serve as cannon fodder for Hizbullah's open-ended private war against Israel--and points out that, despite his denial, Finkelstein is in fact taking sides in some fundamental Lebanese political disagreements--Finkelstein contemptuously dismisses her concerns and launches into an extended rant abusing and insulting any Lebanese who have the temerity to criticize or oppose Hizbullah. Some highlights:
[During the Spanish Civil War, the Communist and anti-fascist orator La Pasionaria] famously said, "It is better to die on your feet than to live crawling on your knees." [....]

I'm not telling you what do with your lives, I'm not telling you. And if you'd rather live crawling on your [knees], I could respect that. I could respect that. People want to live. [....]

Who wants war? Who wants destruction? [....] But I honestly don't see another way, unless you choose to be their slaves - and many people here have chosen that. [....] I can understand it--you want to live. I can't really say I respect it. [....] You know what the Jewish attitude is? Never to forgive, never to forget. And I agree with that. [....]

It's disgusting. [....] You have no self-respect. [....] How can you expect other people to respect Arabs is you show no respect for yourselves?
Etc. Nothing really new here ... but, as I said, it's illuminating in its own way.

Here is the VIDEO.

Yours for reality-based discourse,
Jeff Weintraub

P.S. Here are some of Finkelstein's Hizbullah friends. Which side in the Spanish Civil War does this remind you of?