Monday, May 12, 2008

"At least he admits it" ...

... was the heading used by Instapundit, from whom item this is borrowed.

The bit of dialogue captured here was a semi-digression during an exchange between two pundits, Jonathan Alter and Mickey Kaus. They had just been talking about Hillary Clinton's ill-fated gas-tax holiday proposal (a bad idea which Alter described, with wild exaggeration, as "the worst pander ever in modern politics").

Let me make it clear that I am re-posting this snippet purely for comic relief, and not to make any grand point that isn't already obvious. I guess it also has curiosity value. Mickey Kaus (the pundit on the right) is so rarely right about anything that one shouldn't miss one of those rare moments when he happens to be on-target.

To find out what I'm talking about, watch this VIDEO.

--Jeff Weintraub