Saturday, February 06, 2010

Michael Totten on "The Hurt Locker"

The independent journalist Michael Totten, who has spent a lot of time in Iraq since 2003, has this to say about the film "The Hurt Locker":
I've said before that The Hurt Locker is by far the best movie about the war in Iraq. I'm pleased to see that this one instead of the others—all of which are terrible—might actually win an Oscar.

If you haven't yet seen it, I strongly recommend renting it or even buying it. None of the others are even worth watching, but I splurged and picked up the Blu-ray version of this one.

I haven't seen the other films he mentions, but I did see "The Hurt Locker" recently, and Totten is right to recommend it so strongly. It's not without flaws and unevenness, but overall it's a very powerful, absorbing, and probing film that stays with you makes you think. (This review captures some of the reasons why, even though its picture of the film is incomplete.)

--Jeff Weintraub

A better trailer, once you wait through a stupid introduction: