Monday, March 08, 2010

Not a joke, just laughable - More health-care nonsense from the Republicans

OK, this is another business-as-usual, ho-hum, dog-bites-man story. Still, there are people who wonder whether stories like this are purely apocryphal (would anyone really say something so obviously stupid and self-contradictory?). So maybe this is an example worth sharing.

From Matt Yglesias, linking to Mark Blumenthal:

I used to think those “Senator, don’t let the government mess with my Medicare” stories were apocryphal, but Sue Lowden running against Harry Reid for Senate seems to want to bring it to life:
As a mom I know one-size-fits-all clothes don’t fit, aren’t comfortable and are seldom a bargain. So why does Harry Reid want to force one-size-fits-all government health care on us? Harry Reid thinks Washington knows best, but I think we the people know best. Harry Reid’s big government health care plan will raise taxes, put a bureaucrat between you and your doctor, weaken Medicare, kill jobs, push us further into debt. I’m Sue Lowden and I approve this message because government run health care is wrong.
Yes, that’s right, government-run health care is wrong but she’s going to keep Medicare strong.

The real joke is that this sort of demagogic absurdity often seems to work--which, I guess, means the joke is on us.

For more, including a video clip of Lowden's campaign ad (in case you still don't believe it), see Blumenthal's post.

--Jeff Weintraub