Thursday, March 04, 2010

Suicide watch in Iraq (Harry's Place)

Voting in Iraq's national election has begun--accompanied by efforts to disrupt it by murdering Iraqi civilians. Brett at Harry's Place collects some of the main headlines.

Of course, the levels of violence are dramatically lower than they were for the last national elections in 2005, but they're bad enough. It's clear that the core of the so-called "insurgency"--that is, the coalition of fascists & jihadists who murdered so many thousands of Iraqis in their glory days from 2004 through 2007 and succeeded in detonating a full-scale inter-sectarian civil war in Arab Iraq--is down but not entirely out. On the other hand, they are now a marginal force.

--Jeff Weintraub

Harry's Place
Brett, March 4th 2010, 3:01 pm
Suicide Watch

The enemies of democracy in Iraq produce the predictable headlines as polls open:

Deadly Attacks Mar First Day of Voting in Iraqi Elections

Suicide bomber kills 3 soldiers outside Baghdad polling center

20 die as Iraq election begins

Iraq polling stations hit by string of bomb attacks

Attacks Kill 14 as Iraqis Vote in General Elections

Suicide bombers kill 30 in Iraq

Suicide attacks kill at least 32 in Baquba

Suicide bombs before Iraq election shows Al Qaeda still active

Iraq suicide bombers target city of Baquba

Bomb kills five as Iraq votes

Iraq hit by triple suicide bomb ahead of election

Triple bombing kill 32 ahead of Iraqi vote

Though some, I’m sure, are encouraged by these signs that the glorious resistance fights on and continues to write its name into the corpses of its victims… but also the stars if it has any bullets left.