Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The piglet who thinks she's a puppy

A BBC World News report (11/5/2010):
A Spanish piglet has been spared the butcher after it was adopted by a dog.

The Iberic piglet was due to be sold for Christmas dinner but was turned down by the butcher in Caceres, in Spain's Extramadura region, for being too small.

Now the piglet is being looked after by the family Dog, Diana, who has welcomed it as part of her litter.
I guess the message is that, in the end, we're all mammals together--sometimes? Or perhaps the real moral to be drawn here has something to do with the mysteries of maternal love? At all events, I suspect even the coldest heart will find the video irresistibly heartwarming. To watch it, click HERE.

--Jeff Weintraub