Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bill Clinton makes the case for re-electing Barack Obama

Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention this summer included a few slips of the tongue, one might find some points in it to quibble with, and there are some important issues it didn't address. But those are minor blemishes, especially given the usual quality of political speeches nowadays. Overall, Clinton delivered an impressively clear, cogently argued, and substantively informative explanation of what the last four years have been about and what is at stake in this year's presidential election ... and, in the process, he made the case for Obama's re-election more effectively and convincingly than Obama himself has managed to do it.

Now we're just a few days away from the election. So if you haven't heard Clinton's convention speech yet, this might be a good time to listen to it carefully ... and if you've already heard it, this might be a good time for a reminder of what this election is about. See below.

—Jeff Weintraub