Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pro-Hamas demonstrators in Paris do the full Hitler

(Photo by Agence France-Presse)

Haaretz's article begins:
Several thousand gathered in Place de la République in Paris, France to protest the Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, defying a state ban on the demonstration.

Protesters chanted "Israel is an assassin, Holland is an accomplice" and "we are all Palestinians," and some were seen gesturing the quenelle, a reverse Nazi-salute, AFP reported. Tension mounted as hundreds of protesters, some masked, began throwing stones and projectiles at police who responded with tear gas. [....]
Actually, in the photo above, the four guys in the front row are doing the "quenelle" gesture, a modified version of the Nazi salute popularized by the anti-semitic comedian-agitator Dieudonné  (for a good explanation and analysis by David Hirsh, see here).  But the demonstrators behind them have stopped being coy, and instead are doing a straightforward Nazi salute.

Nothing anti-semitic about that, of course. It's just a logical way to protest Israeli policies.

—Jeff Weintraub