Friday, May 12, 2006

Please write a letter to oppose possible NATFHE blacklist (StandWithUs)

StandWithUs, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, and other groups are asking concerned people to write "a thoughtful letter" to the leaderships of NATFHE and the AUT urging them to reject a proposed blacklist (not "boycott") of Israeli academics. (For further information, see Academic Freedom Alert - Oppose the Blacklisting of Israeli Academics.)

Please consider doing this. For academics to endorse blacklisting other academics is a very bad idea, since it threatens academic and intellectual freedom everywhere, and it would be useful for the NATFHE and AUT leadership to know there is widespread concern about this issue.

Jeff Weintraub


StandWithUs Special Alert
May 11, 2006
HELP: Write to academic leadership in the UK regarding BOYCOTT


Please write a thoughtful letter to the addresses below, and appeal to them to REJECT the boycott of Israeli academia. (see the links below for the background information)

Special thanks to Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, Academic Friends of Israel, International Academic Friends of Israel and a number of anonymous on-the-ground faculty in both the United Kingdom and Israel for their guidance.

It is important that people who are union members write and identify which unions they are members of. This may resonate with the British union. What follows are names, addresses and talking points from several sources in the UK.

Please begin by reading this important article by Jon Pike to familiarize yourselves with the issues. Cut and paste this into your url window if its not live .... php?id=410

Points to keep in mind:

Please be friendly to the leaderships, but make them understand that the consequences of playing with Israel boycotts would be very bad for their unions.

Academic Boycotts do not serve the cause of peace. They may, in fact, slow it down.

The leaderships are not the bad guys here - and people shouldn't write to them as though they are.The boycotters are a small unrepresentative minority - the leaderships should be encouraged to make sure that this minority is not allowed to write union policy.

The leaderships should understand that their own lives (and their own summers) will be much more pleasant, easy and peaceful if there is no decision to boycott Israel.

Please be civil. Abusive emails and emails shouting "antisemite!" are worse than useless. Write to the following addresses:


Please blind copy

StandWithUs Staff

phone: 310-836-6140