Friday, January 18, 2008

What next for Iraq and the US? - Terry Gross interviews

A public service by NPR super-interviewer Terry Gross:
Jan. 16 - Jan. 17: A wide-ranging series on the future of the Iraq occupation. Terry Gross talks to military leaders, prominent Iraqis, journalists and policy analysts — asking when America should get out of Iraq and how we should do it.
Almost all the interviews are intelligent, informative, and usefully thought-provoking, and they cover an unusually wide range of views and important issues. They're worth listening to.

Wednesday's interviews can be accessed on the NPR website HERE, and Thursday's interviews are HERE.

=> I also recommend a recent interview (about Iraq and Pakistan) with Trudy Rubin, a first-rate Middle East analyst who is the foreign affairs columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and author of Willful Blindness: The Bush Administration and Iraq. That interview was conducted by the other top-flight Philadelphia NPR interviewer, Marty Moss-Coane. You can listen to it HERE.

--Jeff Weintraub

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