Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Pope says anti-semitism is "not Christian"

According to a report in the Jewish Chronicle:
Pope Francis condemned “all manifestations of antisemitism” during his first meeting with official Jewish representatives since his election.  [....]

[T]he Pope said: “Because of our common roots, a true Christian cannot be antisemitic.” [....]
I don't want to sound ungracious or ungrateful, but I'm afraid there is a great deal of historical evidence from the past two millennia that casts some doubt on that last assertion—unless, of course, one defines what it means to be a "true" Christian in a fairly specific and demanding way.

But I certainly appreciate the sentiment, even if it's more aspirational than strictly empirical.  And I guess the Holy Father is a more authoritative judge of what being a "true Christian" entails than I am.  So I would be delighted to see other Christians go along with him on this matter.

Pax vobiscum,
Jeff Weintraub