Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A report and appeal from

Dear Jeff,

You recently joined the Million Voices for Darfur and urged President Bush to take action in Darfur. Thank you for making your voice heard on this important issue!

I'd like to take a moment to welcome you and tell you a bit more about us.

On April 30, the Save Darfur Coalition and its partners held a historic Rally to Stop Genocide on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Over 50,000 people joined with celebrities, politicians, activists and advocates to call for an end to the tragic genocide in Darfur! Click here to see just some of the pictures from the event.

And the momentum continues to build with story after story on TV, online and in newspapers and magazines around the country - and the world. But we cannot let up. We are committed to ending the genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region by pressuring the United States government to resolve the crisis. That is why we launched the Million Voices for Darfur campaign.

Former U.S. Senator Paul Simon said of the tragic 1994 genocide in Rwanda: "If every member of the House and Senate had received 100 letters from people back home saying we have to do something about Rwanda, when the crisis was first developing, then I think the response would have been different."

We are committed to making that difference for the people of Darfur.

To accomplish this, the Save Darfur Coalition works to:

  • Generate more media coverage of the genocide in Darfur
  • Promote Darfur-related legislation through outreach to members of Congress
  • Support local efforts to raise awareness of the Darfur crisis
  • Act as a clearinghouse for information about the situation in Darfur

We can help end the genocide in Darfur - and we must!

As a member of our online community you will receive periodic email updates. You will have the opportunity to voice your support at the times it is most needed and will have the greatest impact.

Thank you again for your efforts on behalf of the suffering people of Darfur.


David Rubenstein
Save Darfur Coalition

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