Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sex & globalization (via Google)

Andrew Sullivan (The Daily Dish)
Thursday, May 11, 2006
Googling Sex

Google has a new feature called Google Trends. It tracks the number of searches for various topics online, and also gives you some regional analysis of where those searches are taking place. A reader clued me in. And here's a somewhat revealing discovery. Who's looking for "sex" the most? The countries with the most searches for that word is - surprise! - Pakistan, followed by Egypt, Iran, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Hmmm. It couldn't have anything to do with all that Muslim repression, could it? Arabic is the most popular language for "sex" searches. Islamism, like Christianism, doesn't conquer sex; it just fetishizes it and forces it underground. The most sex-obsessed Christian country? Poland. Congrats to the Vatican. Sex searching also seems to peak around Christmas and New Year. Yes, I can understand that.

Of course, I do realize i just ruined productivity today in a few offices across America. Oh, well. Enjoy. And if you come across something particularly interesting or amusing, let me know.

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In French too
11 May 2006 02:51 pm

Type the word "sexe" into Google Trends and the first two countries are Algeria and Morocco. Really, these Muslims are sex-obsessed.

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Google, Sex and the Arab City
Ami Isseroff
There is a much more popular search word than "maps" however. It is "sex" of course. Millions of people search for this word each month. Where are all those sinners located?
The Google trends for searchword "sex" are:
1. Cairo Egypt
2. Delhi India
3. Chennai India
4. Ankara Turkey
5. Mumbai India
6. Istanbul Turkey
7. Warsaw Poland
8. Zurich Switzerland
9. Brussels Belgium
10. Chicago United States
1. Pakistan
2. Egypt
3. Iran
4. Viet Nam
5. India
6. Indonesia
7. Saudi Arabia
8. Turkey
9. Poland
10. Romania
1. Arabic
2. Vietnamese
3. Turkish
4. Polish
5. Romanian
6. Thai
7. Danish
8. English
9. Dutch
10. Swedish

Very interesting, considering "Sex" is not an Arabic (or Vietnamese or Turkish) word.
For that ever-popular four letter word that starts with "F", the top country is... Iran and the top language is Arabic.
The relative quantitative advantage of Arabic and of Iran for this word has to be seen to be believed, so here are the screen captures of the panels.

Make of it what you will, the disciples of Ayatollah Khomeini and the minions of Ahmadinejad are not all busy studying the Qur'an. Interesting data from the country that lectures the West on "moral depravity."