Saturday, September 09, 2006

More signs of the times in Europe (via Normblog)

Europeans often congratulate themselves that their approach to the Arab/Israeli conflict is more "balanced" and sophisticated than Americans'. I suppose this is the sort of thing they have in mind.
--Jeff Weintraub
From the weblog of Norman Geras (Normblog)
September 08, 2006
This sporting life

Two tales of it. The first:
"Your country is a nation of killers and all the time there are only wars there," Andorra national soccer coach David Rodrigo allegedly told Israeli midfielder Yossi Benayoun during Wednesday night's Euro 2008 qualification game in Holland, in which Israel won 4-1.

Benayoun claimed that when he confronted Rodrigo over the comments, the Andorran coach snapped, "shut up! We are going to break you and break your legs."

When Israel took a 2-0 lead in the first half of the game, Benayoun mocked the coach, putting two fingers up in his direction. The referee saw the gesture and promptly booked the Israeli playmaker.

Benayoun said that one of the Andorran players, Juli Fernandez, who scored a late consolation goal for his team, apologized on behalf of Rodrigo telling Benayoun, "I'm sorry for what my coach said." Benayoun also said that at the game's conclusion the referee approached him saying," I am sorry for booking you. It pains me to hear things like that from an international coach."
The second, about the same match. (Hat tip: JA.)

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