Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Marriage canceled due to a pre-existing condition

From the Saudi Gazette, via Mick Hartley:
A man in Qatif divorced his wife of only a week last Saturday when he discovered that she had had her appendix removed without his knowledge, believing the procedure to be the result of a hereditary condition.

On his first visit to his bride at her house to sign the marriage formalities last week, the not-husband-to-be noticed that she was a bit “under the weather”, and when he inquired of the reason he was told that she had had her appendix out and was still suffering from the consequences of the operation.

Believing the procedure to be the result of some sort of “condition” that would be passed on to any future children, the man resolved to divorce the appendix-less lady, and prolonged efforts by both families to set the record straight were fruitless, and, in the words of the seven-day husband, “too late”.
--Jeff Weintraub