Monday, February 15, 2010

Neo-Nazi vs. anti-Nazi ways to mourn the bombing of Dresden

Apparently some people can draw these distinctions, which is good news. --Jeff Weintraub

Norman Geras (Normblog)
February 15, 2010
Dresden against intolerance
Left-wing protesters thwarted neo-Nazis in their efforts to stage a "mourning march" for victims on the 65th anniversary of Allied incendiary bombing raids on the city of Dresden.

At least 5,000 right-wing extremists wearing black gathered at the city's Neustadt station, hoping to stage a procession through city streets.

Opponents of the rally gathered in streets around the station to prevent neo-Nazis from reaching their rallying point.

Naturally, those who blocked the neo-Nazis had no objection to mourning; as Mayor Helma Orosz explained, they didn't want it misused for Nazi purposes: 'Let's turn Dresden into a peaceful and open city, a bastion against intolerance and stupidity.'