Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Eric Alterman - "And how about a little noise about Salah Choudhury?"

Eric Alterman gets right to the point here. Do we believe in freedom of expression or don't we? If we do, then "how about a little noise about Salah Choudhury?"

(For some further information on this case, see here & here & here.)

--Jeff Weintraub
Altercation by Eric Alterman
October 30, 2006
And how about a little noise about Salah Choudhury?

The mainstream media seems to be ignoring the case and leaving it to the right-wingers and Jewish-oriented publications. What's up with that? I am so sick of being sensitive to Muslim and other sensibilities that deny peoples' right to free speech because what you say might offend them. Life is offensive, OK? I'm offended every time George Bush or Dick Cheney opens their respective mouths, but I deal with it. If liberals believe in anything, we believe in the Enlightenment, and tough luck on those who don't. Sign this petition. Send it around. (Thanks to Jeff Weintraub.)

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